This page contains some of my personal photography and videography work.  There are some artsy images here as well as some goofy stuff!  I'm a big nerd for science, martial arts, comic book conventions, books, music, art, etc. If that sounds like you too, we should chat about working together!  We would probably get along well and create some beautiful images together!

When I'm not around town making photographs of nature, the animals at the zoo, or local events, I like to do a lot of photo and video work at family gatherings and at the music concerts that our family performs in.  I'm the resident audio/visual/webmaster for the IPFW Orchestra also.  Our entire family plays in the orchestra.  Each member of our family plays multiple instruments.  You can keep scrolling down through all of these individual photo galleries to see some of the concerts I've recorded for the orchestra.  I set up all the equipment during dress rehearsal (including setting mic levels and such) and then I just let it run during the concert.

I love the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.  That's where I first started teaching Katie photography at age seven with my hand me down photo equipment.  She's been learning to do everything in manual mode from day one.  That's why she can work as a professional photographer at age 17.  

Some flowers from around town.

Some of my favorite flower and nature photos around the Fort Wayne area.  I love vivid colors and interesting details.  There are a few macro or close up photos in this gallery.  I also like to create abstract images from extreme close ups.

I love architectural details and textures.

Some of my favorite photos of Katie.  She wears a small knit beret type of hat when she's working so the crazy hair doesn't show at all.  But underneath there, she is sporting a killer mohawk and some crazy colors on the sides.

Our good friend, Officer Nik, as his cable access B-movie character, Victor Von Psychotron.  He hosts a wonderful cable access show called Weird-o-rama.  He also has a YouTube channel which you can find by clicking on this link.

Some cosplay photographs that I did for a friend.

The most photographed member of our family is our beloved Dachshund-Beagle mix, Lily.

I love architecture and old buildings.

Favorite fall photographs

I take a camera everywhere I go.  When you're a big nerd like me, that means a lot of comic conventions, renaissance festivals, concerts, and Halloween events.

I'm the resident audio/visual/webmaster for the IPFW Orchestra.  Here are a few of our concerts.  I use professional video and audio equipment to record the concerts.  I leave a tripod with all the equipment in the audience area and just tape it off for safety.  Why does no one want to sit in the front of our gorgeous 1500 seat theater in this 23 million dollar building?  OH YEAH>  The middle is where the best sound is for listening! Which is right behind the video camera.  In our videos, it always looks like we only have five people at our concerts because no one wants to sit up front.  If you would like to see the website for the IPFW Orchestra, you can find that here:

This is a very special slideshow video that I made from my in laws, Bill & Peggy, for their 50th wedding anniversary.  It includes scans of old photos, some new photos of them together, a few video clips, and a lot of audio recordings of both of them discussing their lives together.