None of the photos on stage or in the hall used flash. Whether the photographer is permitted on stage or in the wings during performance will determine the type of photos you are able to receive. These photos were all shot during a dress rehearsal so I was able to move around on stage in the peripheral areas only with two cameras (one wide angle and one zoom telephoto lens).

Venue or performance hall photos - These are important for promotional purposes so you can promote your event to more groups and expand your event’s participation and guest attendance. We can provide photos of the outside of the venue, details of architecture, rehearsal spaces, green rooms, etc. for you to use in future promotional materials.

Conductor photos - feature each group’s leader(s) and tell your audience a little about their musical background.

Close ups of hands and instruments - These types of photos make great backgrounds for future posters and invitations for your events.

Soloists - NO FLASH on any of these images. Accurate exposure and color for quick turnaround time on delivery.

Candid photos - entire group, sections of the group, just a few people, or even one person only. Where the photographer is allowed to stand during the performance impacts the types of photos that can be captured. We have multiple professional camera bodies with several pro lenses each including a 70-200/f/2.8 lens for shallow depth of field (focus) for blurry backgrounds (or not) if needed.

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia - composite and an individual headshot example


Promotional card for local venue with photos taken at an event (card design completed afterward for venue use). Examples shown demonstrate our ability to work artistically under pressure while capturing architectural features and details unique to the venue space with accurate lighting using NO FLASH.

Fundraiser photos for Country Heritage Winery and The Pat Dyer Foundation for Cancer Research Examples shown demonstrate our ability to capture buildings, candids of groups of guests, and details related to your event. We are able to accurately capture large internal spaces so you can showcase the venue’s green rooms, changing areas, and other amenities in promotional material to future attendees.

Individual musician portraits for their promotional website use



Some of these photos are watermarked from my website usage. Photos that your organization would receive would be full size and not watermarked.

We create group portraits at every wedding we photograph. Our portable battery powered studio set up can handle groups of 2 to 100 with ease. We can quickly direct individuals in the photo so we can see everyone’s faces. Short timelines at churches for large family group portraits over the past twenty years and over 600 weddings have taught us a thing or two about people moving!

We are extremely experienced at dealing with mixed lighting situations and using custom color correction on site to cut down on editing time after the event. Our photos are ALL 95% accurate in camera so all we have to do are little tweaks to ensure accuracy and consistency among our three photographers and six (or more) cameras.