Find your photos


We try to keep a copy of all work done, but we don't legally guarantee that we keep photos after delivery.  This is in our contract but not to worry - we do try to keep everything available.

We do make an effort to keep a digital archive though so we do have copies of nearly everything we've photographed over the years. 

If you need copies of something, just call us and we can send you a download link.  The download will be a zip file that will need "unzipped."  If you're unsure of how to do that, tell me and I'll talk you through it.  You can also make an appointment to pick up a USB or replacement USB.  We do require proof of receipt for USB's with a final delivery form that you sign in person.

Online proofing site - need your gallery link for viewing again?  Call us and ask for the link!  It may be archived but we can republish it if you'd like.

We also have multiple digital back ups through Amazon Clouddrive and Backblaze in addition to multiple external hard drives.  We do all of this to ensure that we can back up all files and images created in case one particular hard drive or service would be no longer available.  

Again, if you need anything at all, please reach out to us by calling 260-438-7246.  We've had couples move and lose their set of DVD discs or USB and need replacements.  If we still have your files available, you're welcome to have copies of them at any time.