Bella Vita = beautiful life

Bella Vita means "beautiful life."  

I believe that photographs have the ability to capture the beauty in life.  By capturing that beauty and displaying it in our everyday living spaces, we remind ourselves of all of the beauty, joy, and love in this world on a daily basis.  During the tougher times in life, being able to see those images of the beauty in our lives helps us remember a loved one, feel the warmth of their love, relive a cherished memory, and more.  

Interested?  Let's discuss us as a team, our roles, and our personalities.

The Photographers - a mother/daughter team 

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I'm a science geek and classical musician.  I've been a professional photographer for nearly 20 years although photography has been a part of my life for many years. 

I'm a good mix between the technical brain of an engineer and the heart of an artist.  Photography appeals to those two sides of my personality and it is a big part of both my personal and professional life. The images that I've created for my own family are among my most treasured possessions. Our entire home is full of beautiful prints and canvases of our most important moments.   My most heartfelt gifts to my own family and friends have been portraits and other images that I created just for them.  

Because photography means so much to me, I seek out clients who also value it in their own lives.  I love to see the joy on my clients' faces when they see their own beautiful prints, canvases, and albums.  My goal is for our clients to find joy and love in their images for generations to come.

How can I help you capture your beautiful life?  

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  • Assistant & Second Photographer (Katie watches me and gets a different angle or a different type of shot than what I'm doing so we get tremendous variety.  For example, she sees me doing close ups with a long zoom lens and she shoots wide angle or vice versa.  We often shoot from each side of a church sanctuary to get each side of the vows in close up.  She also doubles up my down the aisle shots to make sure we don't miss anything and we definitely get one with eyes open.)

  • Lighting Assistant - Best Human Light Stand EVER!  Katie helps me set up our beautiful lighting and she tweaks the aim for me.  She knows portable and studio lighting better than many adult working wedding pros.  

  • Photo Booth Photographer

  • Checklist Guru

  • Client Services ROCK STAR - you need something and Katie will take care of it!

  • Emergency kit supervisor & all around fix it "MacGyver" 

  • Car storage & packing BOSS with fabulous "Tetris" skills

Katie is our daughter and has grown up around photography her entire life.  It's an interest that we have shared together since she was very young. She's had a professional SLR camera in her hands since age seven. As a teen, she has shown remarkable aptitude for photography with skills that she has been learning. Her work is blended with mine seamlessly in our coverage and proofs that are provided to the client.  Our clients can never tell which one of us created a specific image and even I have to do a double take sometimes.  

Over the past four years as my assistant and second photographer, Katie has grown to be an indispensable part of our team.  She can control her camera using manual settings and she often sets up my lighting for portraits and dance floor work. When we set up a photo booth at a wedding or event, Katie runs the show there.  She is also my right hand gal for organization and keeping our gear packed and ready to transfer from location to location seamlessly.

We make an excellent mother/daughter team.